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     Capitalist Pig

January 15, 2021

Capitalism is good for the same reasons it is bad. On one hand, it allows private citizens to own and operate a business to provide for themselves and their family rather than work for someone else or the government. On the flip-side, it is a devil’s playground where the worst instincts of humanity roam free. 

Perhaps the most liked aspect of capitalism is the harder you work as a business owner the more you are rewarded. Capitalism brings enthusiasm and innovation to what you choose to do. You can do things your own way, how you feel is best, not how someone else wants it done.

However, pure unbridled capitalism is simply wrong. It is an easy path for greed and exploitation. It must be tempered, kept in check, for the good of all; consumers, employees, residential populations, and Mother Earth. It is imperative that capitalism always be combined with socialism in the way of taxation, social programs, and regulation. 

Today, capitalism in the United States is allowed too much freedom. Politicians are paid-off to support legislation that is favorable to corporations, and to reject laws that would protect against the exploitation of consumers. Corporate greed is a rampant threat to democracy in the U.S. as only the rich get richer while everyone else is rendered powerless. 

Socialism is not a bad word. It is similar to having a communal system that is not outright communism. It endeavors to distribute the power of economic control to everyone equally while still allowing private enterprise and personal wealth. When you hear someone speaking up for more socialism in America, you should support that effort. That is unless you are among the top one percent globally in personal wealth.

The age old argument you hear from corporations is they provide employment to the masses, but that is a symbiotic relationship . Each and every corporation would not, could not, exist without the workforce they enjoy and very often exploit. Every corporation owes everything it has to the hard work of employees.

Corporations owe an eternal debt to the countries in which they operate for the privilege of being allowed to profit within a system that provides safe haven, protection from invasion and takeover. The lives of our sons and daughters lost in war is a debt that can never be fully repaid and should never be taken for granted. 

J Alan Jones


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